9 AI tools for music production

Music has been an integral part of the human experience since the beginning of time. As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning continue to rapidly advance, many in the music industry are understandably concerned about what this could mean for the future of their careers. However, while disruption is inevitable, there are also many reasons to be hopeful.

Rather than replace human musicians, AI can actually inspire new levels of creativity. Advanced algorithms can analyze data to detect complex patterns in music composition that humans cannot easily perceive. This allows the creation of innovative new sounds and musical structures. Additionally, AI takes over tedious and time-consuming elements of music production, allowing human musicians more freedom to focus on the creative aspects.

The Bright Future of Music in an AI World, 6 AI tools for music production
The Bright Future of Music in an AI World: 6 AI tools for music production

Here are 9 AI tools for music production

  1. Landr: This platform uses AI to instantly master your tracks with professional quality. It analyzes your music and applies the appropriate EQ, compression, and limiting, saving you time and effort.
  2. Splice AI: Generate inspiring melodies, drum patterns, and chord progressions using Splice’s AI technology. You can input keywords, select a tempo and genre, and let AI create unique musical elements to spark your creativity.
  3. AIVA.ai: Compose an entire song with AI! AIVA’s powerful engine can write lyrics, generate melodies, and arrange instruments based on your desired style and musical preferences. Perfect for overcoming writer’s block or exploring new ideas.
  4. Izotope Relay: This AI-powered plugin automatically balances the volume of individual tracks in your mix, ensuring a polished and consistent sound. Ideal for beginners or busy producers who want a quicker workflow.
  5. BABY Audio TAIP: Get instant vocal tuning with TAIP’s real-time processing. No manual adjustments needed, TAIP uses AI to detect and correct pitch issues, making your vocals sound smooth and professional.
  6. Sonible smart:comp 2: This intelligent compressor adapts to your music in real-time, adjusting compression settings dynamically for optimal results. Say goodbye to endless tweaking and embrace a transparent, AI-powered solution.
  7. Melodyne: This plugin is used to extract and edit pitch from audio. It uses AI-based technology to provide accurate and natural results. It can be used for vocal correction, instrument tuning, sampling, and music reconstruction.
  8. Artificial Music: This platform uses AI to compose all parts of a song. It can generate melodies, chord progressions, basslines, rhythms, instruments, lyrics, and more. It is suitable for beginners or anyone who wants to explore their creativity.
  9. Soundtrap: This online music production platform offers AI-powered features. It can use AI to edit audio, generate melodies, and synthesize instruments. It provides all the tools you need to get started with music production, so it is easy to use for beginners.

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There will no doubt be some job losses and industry disruption as a result of increasing AI adoption. However, history shows that human creativity always finds new outlets and opportunities even in the face of technological shifts. The future of music remains bright, and we maintain faith that human ingenuity and musicality will shine through. There will always be a place for authentic emotional connection and inspired artistry in music.

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